How Strong is Your Password?

It’s World Password Day – a day to check in on your passwords and make sure you’re not using a common password that will put you at risk of being hacked.  Whether it’s your WordPress site, your email or any other secure site you log into, today is a good day to change your password to make it more secure!

Here’s a list of the most common passwords of 2017.  Some are quite entertaining!  Some, well, how unoriginal can a person be?  Please tell me you don’t use such easy-to-guess passwords on your website or email. Just don’t do it!

To be safe, use a password with at least 12 characters, using numbers, letters, including upper and lower case, and symbols.  Think of a phrase you’ll remember and sprinkle some characters in between the letters.

Password Manager Programs Can Help

Or better yet, use a password manager to generate your password, and keep track of them so you don’t have to write them on that sticky note!  Look for a password manager that syncs across devices, so you can get your password on your phone or your PC.

PC Magazine has a list of password manager programs. , LastPass, RoboForm, and Dashlane are three that rated pretty well. If you’re on a MAC, just look through the App Store, there’s all kinds of password managers, including Dashland and LastPass.

I’ve used Passwords Plus for years, it’s by Dataviz, Inc.  I like it because you can generate long passwords, save it, and take notes regarding the type of account it applies to.

Take your pick, get a program, and give up using those lame passwords. No more dog names or birthdays!

If you really want to be secure, enable two-factor authentication.  It’s putting one password on top of another to help that account stay secure.

So many choices, so there’s no reason to EVER use “abcdef123456” again.

Give me a call or drop me an email if you’re not sure how to install a password manager, or if you’re unsure how to change your WordPress password. I’m happy to help!

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