How Having a Mobile Responsive Website Can Boost Sales

Mobile devices are outselling personal computers these days, and many believe that eventually mobile devices will completely replace desktop computing for most people. What this means is that if you sell anything or market anything online, you need to have a mobile responsive website.

Not sure what “mobile responsive” means? A mobile website is simply one that can be read on a device without enlarging it. You can read it just as it shows on your device (a site can detect and adjust based on what device it is read on.)

A mobile responsible website can boost sales in many ways.

1. No one leaves frustrated. Nothing is more frustrating to a website visitor than clicking a link to your site and not being able to read it. They’ll leave it and go to another site, and most likely use another business. An example of this I often see is restaurant menus. Can you read it? No? There are many other restaurants.

2. Your site always looks great. It won’t matter what device the user is viewing your site with; the fluid manner the site displays will always look great to the person using the site.

3. The site works with any device. Using mobile responsive design will work with any device by using the ability to create fluid and flexible layouts, using CSS to adapt an entire site to the device or operating system the user prefers.

The thing to keep in mind is that mobile responsive design doesn’t mean just cell phones. It means any type of device the user chooses to use – whether it’s a PC with a large screen, a laptop with a small screen, or a tablet device. The fluid design elements used in mobile responsive design knows how to automatically display your site on each device. Even though mobile devices haven’t completely taken over yet, it’s important to get on board now because they will.

Responsive website on cell phoneThe days of creating separate mobile sites and separate specific browser-optimized sites is over if you want to truly compete in the changing and advancing mobile marketplace. By using mobile responsible design you don’t have to restrict what different people see and read, only how they see it and read it. This means that your audience will be able to always have access to your products or services regardless of their choice of device.

Taking the approach that each user is unique, and designing responsive sites that don’t rely on one browser or one device, is the best way to go when trying to appeal to your target audience. It takes some new thinking to realize that we are not restrained to one type of design for all readers and all users like we are with print media. With the right code, the content can and will adapt to each individual user, so that they can have a personalized experience that encourages them to buy from you.

By using responsive web design, you’ll no longer need to redo your website every year to reflect the newest trend in browsers because you are considering all users when you create responsive design. During the design we have to consider many different factors – the actual device, the screen size, the method by which the user browses and interacts with the content.

It may seem like a lot of work to create responsible web design, but it’s more work to create a site for each separate device. It is rather bulky as well when the technology already exists to make your sites that you own right now responsive.

Want to talk more about a responsive website design? Give us a call. We can talk about what you have now, is your site responsive or in need of an update.

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