Year End Planning should include your website

Year End Planning: Take A Look at Your Website

It’s nearing the end of the year, and time to make plans for the upcoming year. Be sure to take a look at your website and plan for updates to it as well.   Have you added additional products or services?  Did your company have any big events or successful client projects you could add…
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Is Your Website Protected from Hackers – 3 Questions to Ask

I recently spoke to a small group of business owners, and I think I surprised many of them a bit. I talked about website security (no, that’s not the surprise). Security on your website, and my website. Not a big bank site, not Amazon, but regular business information sites with blogs. We as small business…


Do You Know the Purpose of Your Website?

When I talk to a potential website client who wants to create a site for their business, the first question I ask them is “What is the purpose of your website?” If they don’t know the answer, it’s difficult to create a site for them because it’s hard to know where to start. If the…

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