Year End Planning should include your website

Year End Planning: Take A Look at Your Website

It’s nearing the end of the year, and time to make plans for the upcoming year. Be sure to take a look at your website and plan for updates to it as well.   Have you added additional products or services?  Did your company have any big events or successful client projects you could add…
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This Basic Mistake Can Get Your Site Hacked

This Basic Mistake Can Get Your Site Hacked

Have you ever locked yourself out of your own house? Frustrating, isn’t it? I did that one day awhile back, but it turned out OK as we had hidden a spare key. That reminded me of when I did this a time before. I walked around my house looking for an open window to climb…

ID-10037280 Target market by jscreationzs

7 Factors to Achieve Maximum Results from Blogging

I met with a new client the other day whose business was fairly new, yet she recognized that in order to grow her business, she needs a web site. She had a lot of questions about a website, a blog and social media, and she knew what she wanted to do. It was good to…


10 Easy Techniques to Help SEO and Website Traffic

Now that you know who your audience is and what your products and/or services are, we’ll look at some free and inexpensive methods to get the right type of traffic to your website. Traffic to your website will evolve as you create and perfect each of the ten ideas below. They are not in any…

Know Your Target Market

Knowing Your Audience

We’ve been talking about website traffic, how to get it, and how to measure the effectiveness of website traffic you are getting. So much can be learned from studying Google Analytics, but first you need to start getting targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is full of people who want and need what you are offering. Who…

Website Traffic – Measure the Effectiveness  (Part 2)

Website Traffic – Measure the Effectiveness (Part 2)

In an earlier post we talked about quality vs. quantity in your website traffic. To attract your ideal audience, you need to provide quality information that your audience wants, finds valuable and that solves a problem they have. Before I get more into what kinds of things you can do to get quality traffic to…

Website Traffic, a Beginner’s Guide (Part 1)

Website Traffic, a Beginner’s Guide (Part 1)

When you first start your website, it can be a daunting to think that you’re starting from zero and have to get your traffic up so that you can start making an impact. You know you want relevant traffic to come to your website, those who are your target audience. But you’re just not sure…

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