Beyond Facebook: Why Having a Website is Essential for Your Business

Last week, Facebook was down for over two hours, an outage that left businesses scrambling to maintain their online presence.  To me, this outage just reinforced the importance of diversifying your digital footprint. While social media platforms like Facebook offer valuable opportunities for businesses to connect with customers, relying solely on those platforms to reach…
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Year End Planning should include your website

Year End Planning: Take A Look at Your Website

It’s nearing the end of the year, and time to make plans for the upcoming year. Be sure to take a look at your website and plan for updates to it as well.   Have you added additional products or services?  Did your company have any big events or successful client projects you could add…


How Strong is Your Password?

It’s World Password Day – a day to check in on your passwords and make sure you’re not using a common password that will put you at risk of being hacked.  Whether it’s your WordPress site, your email or any other secure site you log into, today is a good day to change your password…


3 Things You Must Know So You’ll Never Be Locked Out of Your Website

What would you do if you needed to make updates to your website and you sent an email, or left a message for your web person, and they never returned your message?   Come to find out they’ve left town and started a new position in another state, without giving you any direction on how to…

How Having a Mobile Responsive Website Can Boost Sales

Mobile devices are outselling personal computers these days, and many believe that eventually mobile devices will completely replace desktop computing for most people. What this means is that if you sell anything or market anything online, you need to have a mobile responsive website. Not sure what “mobile responsive” means? A mobile website is simply…

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4 reasons to Use SiteGround for Hosting

Does your website seem to be running slower these days? Or is it about time to renew and you’d like to shop around for a better host and price? If you are thinking about switching to a new website host, I recommend SiteGround Hosting. I’m in the process of moving this site over there!  …


5 Things About Your Website That Drive People Away

If you want to conduct business on the internet, you know you need some sort of website presence there. A place people can go to learn about you and what you are offering them. Just know that there is a right way and a wrong way to present yourself if you want visitors to return…

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