4 reasons to Use SiteGround for Hosting

Image courtesy of aechan at FreeDiditalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of aechan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Does your website seem to be running slower these days? Or is it about time to renew and you’d like to shop around for a better host and price? If you are thinking about switching to a new website host, I recommend SiteGround Hosting. I’m in the process of moving this site over there!


While I’ve recommended SiteGround and used it for customers for almost a year now, I’ve not dug into the details of why I recommend them. Today I’ll explain it and share the great Black Friday Sale they are having today on site hosting!


If your site seems slower to load, ask if your current host is using Solid State Drive (SSD) Technology. SSD technology offers faster load times than regular drives, and SiteGround uses SSD technology on all levels of hosting plans.


Is your website secure? Is your site backed up regularly? With SiteGround, a site is backed up daily, and if you need assistance restoring a site, they offer that service as well. Their support is offered 24/7 and responds quickly, I know, as I’ve had to contact them a few times to resolve a few issues.


Another security feature SiteGround offers is an anti-bot AI system that protects a site against brute force attacks and malicious traffic. I’ve seen the number of hits a site can get from these bots, any extra prevention on my site is a bonus.


The last and possibly the most helpful reason I recommend SiteGround is they will actually move your site from your old host to their servers. I have used this service and it was a time saver! They know what they are doing and have moved thousands of sites, so they know the issues to look for and the best ways to work with other hosts to get it done. This is offered on all levels of hosting as well.


Today being Black Friday, SiteGround is offering a great deal on web hosting for 24 hours. You can get 70% off quality hosting at various levels. So if you’ve been thinking of leaving that other host that doesn’t seem to offer the support or the speed your site needs, move your site to SiteGround. Check out the (affiliate) link for this great deal today only extended for the weekend! https://www.siteground.com/go/resolvewebstudio


If you have questions or want my help working with SiteGround to move your website, just shoot me an email, I’m glad to help!

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